This project started for Karin a quest to broaden her practice beyond what was considered the framework and scope of contemporary jewellery. By shifting her perspective and role she expanded her practice surpassing the mere creation of contemporary jewellery into new paths to be investigated with a focus on research and process.

Her research and interest engrossed her in the non material side of creation. This resulted in a fascination for the "negative space" of jewellery and objects. By mapping her chance encounters in public space, she investigated the role of urban space, social interaction with strangers, the element of chance and the gift in relation to the expanded field of contemporary jewellery. From this experience she went on to play with the "negative space" of jewellery and objects in an attempt to create new narratives and meaning around found pieces. These kind of works often come into being in public space and through social media channels. In her practice she tries to achieve a certain level of immateriality and aspires to offer an experience by creating a condensed life within a piece. 

The distilled work that came from her research consists of a narrative performance with supporting visuals.

Chance Encounters | a Gesture, an Object, a Décor. performance, Rietveld Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL)

Below excerpts of

Chance Encounters | a Gesture, an Object, a Décor.

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