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The thesis starts with an introduction describing how mapping chance encounters in public space, slowly developed into an artistic micro research on the expanded field of contemporary jewellery. The thesis focuses on the conceptual questions and ideas that have arisen from this practice.

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“Chance Encounters | a Gesture, an Object, a Décor.”,

GRA Awards

Thesis Nominee

The jury reports:    

The jury found that Karin Bartels is a good storyteller. She starts off her research on the micro level of a hatpin and manages to translate that towards the macro level of social interaction. Bartels thesis is original in that she shows the interest of seeing jewelry as something else than merely a gem. Through the chance encounters she has had and archived, she reflects on what a jewel could be. Working with complex theories Bartels manages to develop her practice in an exciting direction. 

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GRA Awards, Thesis Nominee, “Chance Encounters | a Gesture, an Object, a Décor.”, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (NL)​

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