A selection of the Intuitive Atlas could be viewed via a persicope on the facade of the new building of Museum van Bommel van Dam. This object of analogue "magic" offered literally a different perspective on the environment.


Gift packages with surprising postcards from Venlo could be purchased via a vending machine next to the periscope for

€ 0.50. The postcards evoke countless associations and memories. They allow for a different outlook on the city and provide new stories. Through the postcards the journey will be continued, so new perspectives can be added to the city's Intuitive Atlas

Karin also made the audience part of her journey and her findings through workshops and presentations on location. 

Intuïtieve Atlas van Venlo, periscope & postcard vending machine, exhibition public space, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL)

Photo with Periscope by Ania Liesting

© 2020 by Karin Bartels

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