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#JardessinDuLuxe an experimental and limited edition of a series of drawings inspired by observations of people using chairs in Jardin du Luxembourg and a chapter that Karin wrote in her thesis “Chance Encounters | a Gesture, an Object, a Décor.”and 

The experimental edition was at random moments spread through Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, where visitors could find the editions in situ.

Click text below to read the chapter 

"Theatre of Life | Paris, the Garden as a Social Public Space."

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• Jardessin Du Luxe • Édition expérimentale d’une série du dessins inspirés par le Jardin du Luxembourg • Édition pour le visiteur du jardin, a trouver in situ • Gratuit • Numéro ... •

chapter cover.png

Jardessin Du Luxe, édition expérimentale, public space,

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris (FR)

Below the different editions and fragments of the editions in situ.

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