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For months Karin had been recording videos of the accordeonist who sat across the street from the window of her atelier. Apart from a few intervals he sat there for days and weeks in a row playing the same melody on a loop. She found it maddening and fascinating at the same time. Music making meets assembly work, repeating the same gestures for hours over and over again.

The accordeonist quickly become part of the small talk in the building. Several times people demanded him to leave, at times he did, to return after a shorter or longer absence.

At some point when the fall had turned into winter it seemed he had disappeared altogether. Then on 14 november 2015 17:02 u. the day after the Attentats du 13 novembre 2015 there he was again sitting and playing there as if it was just another day. In the midst of the shock from the horrors, chaos and drama that had unfolded the night before, it suddenly was comforting and reassuring to hear the music and see the repeating gestures as time passed by.

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