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During the residencies of the Intuitive Atlas project, Karin proposed a "Huiskamer Bios" loosely translated as livingroom cinema. In every neighbourhood of the residencies a film was shown for the local community.

The selected documentaries where chosen for their content, being closely tied with each specific neighbourhood and community. In an attempt to get to know people in the community, to start and open up the conversation with them as a way to discuss the life and environment of the area. The films where shown in the livingroom

of Bartels' temporary dwelling, a community space or temporarily vacant spaces. They where accompanied with

an introduction and discussion afterwards.


In collaboration with Museum van Bommel van Dam, Filmtheater De Nieuwe Scene, filmdirector Tanja Nabben 

and other temporary partners.



Karin Bartels' project Intuïtieve Atlas van Venlo is part of  Circular Art Lab Limburg (CALL), in which artists are linked to social issues. One of those issues focused on attractive neighborhoods and communities. The Intuitive Atlas of Venlo has been carried out in close collaboration with Museum van Bommel van Dam, the Municipality of Venlo, Wonen Limburg and Antares.

After the pilot project "De Poëzie van Ruimte", Museum van Bommel van Dam invited Bartels to develop and execute the Intuitive Atlas project. Which mapped how the residents of Venlo experience their city.

Huiskamer Bios, in collaboration with Museum van Bommel van Dam, 

filmtheatre de Nieuwe Scene, director Tanja Nabben, 

Vastenavondkamp & Genooi, Venlo (NL)

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