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Punctum de Vue
Diving into the potential of subjective and arbitrary research

How to break with more established, language based traditional and formal modes of research?
How to address the process of discovery and fascination?

The artistic research Punctum de Vue is inspired by the concept of Puntcum as defined by Roland Barthes in his book La Chambre Claire. The research serves as an experiment that investigates the contents of the Centre de Documentation - Mac/Val in order to subtract visual content through a lens of punctum. The research endeavors to make visible the dormant content - hidden in endless books on the shelves of the Centre de Documentation - Mac/Val.
The process is guided by chance and imagination, to demonstrate that (visual) content and knowledge can be used in a playful way. In attempts to break with more established, language based traditional and formal modes of research, it subtracts copies of visual content in a subjective and arbitrary fashion, as well as restructuring and linking the fragmentary visual nature of this information. In a chain or network of related or perhaps unrelated, relating subjects, It creates the opportunity to discover or reveal an alternative knowledge. This thinking through images potentially articulates ideas that are almost impossible to express in language, opens up the dialog around itspractice or perhaps reveals a coherence between the subtracted information that surpasses the knowledge that comes to light when operating within the existing research frames. Therefore this artistic research is presented in the form of an Atlas with its non hierarchical rhizome like structure. There is no end, no beginning and no center. Along the process the atlas keeps growing and forming larger, denser and more complex networks thus addressing process instead of the often implied finished clear cut answers that society likes to demand from us. It tries to open up new opportunities and marvel at indefinite endings.

Punctum de Vue, artistic research exhibition and participating audience, «SOUSTRAIRE» 15 propositions chorales pour le MAC VAL Musée d’art contemporain du Val de Marne - Mac/Val,

Vitry-sur-Seine (FR)

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