During the residency in the neighbourhood "Genooi" as part of the Intuitive Atlas project. Karin walked around with

the object as seen below in the photos. The portable construction in the shape of a house was part of her field research. She chose to walk around with this object to increase her interactions, conversations and to listen

to stories from the people in the neighbourhood. She took

the object twice a week with her during the residency period.



Karin Bartels' project Intuïtieve Atlas van Venlo is part of  Circular Art Lab Limburg (CALL), in which artists are linked to social issues. One of those issues focused on attractive neighborhoods and communities. The Intuitive Atlas of Venlo has been carried out in close collaboration with Museum van Bommel van Dam, the Municipality of Venlo, Wonen Limburg and Antares.

After the pilot project "De Poëzie van Ruimte", Museum van Bommel van Dam invited Bartels to develop and execute the Intuitive Atlas project. Which mapped how the residents of Venlo experience their city.

Connversation Piece, Intuïtieve Atlas van Venlo, performative investigation, Circular Art Lab Limburg - CALL#2 Gezonde Woningmarkt, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo (NL)

Below photos of the conversation piece in situ