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During the residency in the neighbourhood "vastenavondkamp" as part of the Intuitive Atlas project,

Karin initiated the micro event "Vastenavond Bankjes Festival". loosely translated as outdoor living room festival for the neighbourhood. The idea came into existence because numerous community members expressed the desire of

some kind of community party. The problem with these kind of

(recurring) events is that it that usually demands a lot of the same group of volunteers every year. It can be costly and because of funding and planning these events take months to be organized. Karin wanted to reverse the process, by giving any community member the possibility to participate, but eliminating the problems of the traditional way of organisation. Two weeks before the end of her residency period of 2 months, she started to spread the

word and posters for the festival. It would take place during the final weekend of her stay. The idea was simple. Spontaneous encounters between neighbours on the doorsteps and sidewalks in front of their houses. Anyone could join by visiting one of the pop up outdoor living rooms created by neighbours or start one themselves. The idea: put a bench, chairs, plaids, stools, crates or something to sit on in front of your door. The more people that would participate in the area, the more the feeling of a community celebration would come into being. At the outdoor living room one could serve anything they wanted to share be it coffee, tea or lemonade. If you wouldn't participate at your front door but instead visit one of the other outdoor living rooms it would be kind to bring something along. Whether you would bake a cake with your neighbour, bring crayons for kids or share fruit. Meeting local community members in a convivial way could contribute to the atmosphere in the community and potentially spark, new connections, friendships, ideas, initiatives etc.



Karin Bartels' project Intuïtieve Atlas van Venlo is part of  Circular Art Lab Limburg (CALL), in which artists are linked to social issues. One of those issues focused on attractive neighborhoods and communities. The Intuitive Atlas of Venlo has been carried out in close collaboration with Museum van Bommel van Dam, the Municipality of Venlo, Wonen Limburg and Antares.

After the pilot project "De Poëzie van Ruimte", Museum van Bommel van Dam invited Bartels to develop and execute the Intuitive Atlas project. Which mapped how the residents of Venlo experience their city.

Vastenavond Bankjes Festival, micro initiative in collaboration with Museum van Bommel van Dam, Vastenavondkamp, Venlo (NL)

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